UKSA Affiliations

The University of Tokyo Sumo Club

Under agreement with the University of Tokyo Sumo Club, members of the UKSA resident in or visiting Japan, are welcome to attend and / or take part in sumo training at the campus of Japan's most prestigious university under the supervision of the club captain - Petr Matous of the Czech Republic. (

Sumo Ireland

Following a mutual tie-up with the team of Sumo Ireland, UKSA members are now permitted to attend sumo training when held, at any of the three bases of the Irish Sumo Federation across on the Emerald Isle. Sumo Ireland is represented in Belfast, Dublin and Cork. (

Estonian Sumo Association

With the kind permission of the head of the Estonian Sumo Association, the organizer of the 2006, 7th Junior Sumo World Championships in Rakvere, members of the UKSA are now welcome to attend sumo training sessions if visiting or resident in this beautiful Baltic State. Contact UKSA President on to coordinate.

USA Sumo

UKSA members are now welcome to train with or compete against USA Sumo members in practice sessions and / or at the annual US Sumo Open. Any UK passport holders on the West coast of the US are welcome to take a look at the page linked below or to coordinate a visit through the UKSA President. Training with the US team in California is not an opportunity to pass up on if in the area - especially when you consider the rikishi these boys have put out over the years. (

Sumo Training in The European Union

As the UKSA affiliation list grows so does the presence of a slight obstacle - the lack of a homepage for some of the clubs scattered round mainland Europe and the inability to link for others. In overcoming this obstacle, UK passport holders interested in trying out sumo whilst 'on the continent' are welcome to contact the UKSA President on Several national clubs in the EU are willing to accept and train UK nationals so let the UKSA head know if and where you are traveling and he'll aid you wherever possible.

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