Sumo in the UK

At present, the sport of sumo in the UK has a very limited following.

A few individuals are known to follow the professional game with the staff of the UKSA among the better known of British nationals connected to the sport in one way or another. (Our vice-president is a translator on the French language Le Monde du Sumo online publication and our president is the Editor-in-Chief of Sumo Fan Magazine).

Meanwhile and regrettably, behind Dover's white cliffs, there are no known organizations or individuals with any recent training experience at any Japanese sumo clubs or establishments although one Englishman did once join the sport in Japan and another British passport holder of Hong Kong origin also dabbled in the professional game around 15 years ago.

Furthermore, with no subsequent effective or professionally managed attempts to bring knowledge of this wonderful sport to the millions of English Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish out there, the UK is something of a sumo desert. A desert we hope to cultivate and have show signs of new seedlings within the next few years.

These lofty aims will take time and will need effort. Some progress will be slow but please do be assured that once the UKSA is supported and running at full pace, sumo will come to the United Kingdom like it has never done before!

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